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“Visiting humans as my faerie character, Cricket, is an extraordinary playground in which to combine my decade of childcare experience with my love of performance. It also moves me, in a simple but fundamental way, more than I could have anticipated. A grandmother in rainbow-princess facepaint once confessed to me that our visit was the first time she had played since losing a loved one. A gangly teenager at a corporate “family day” event once thanked me for my goofy dancing, saying it made him feel less alone. These moments and so many others are what make Cricket real. Real beyond fantasy and mythology. Real in the truest sense.

When I share my human world with Cricket, she unfolds it right before my eyes to reveal more magic, more spark, more connection, more love. Playing this character is truly an honor and a privilege.”

H.B. (Hailstorm Babblebrooks, Honeycomb Beeswax, Holly Berry), is the human who brings Faerie Cricket to life in this realm. The boring news is that she is fully insured and CPR certified. The exciting news is that having worked as a camp counselor, nanny, tutor, substitute preschool teacher, and enrichment instructor for over a decade, she continues to be surprised and delighted by the expressive, wise, and hilarious nature of children. An experienced performer, H.B. worked for a professional children’s entertainment company for three years before going independent as Faerie Cricket, traveled the world studying improvisation and clown on a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, and seeks ongoing training in her field. Also a visual artist, she cherishes the opportunity to mix her mediums and engage people of all ages through the transformative power of play.


“She is as cute as a baby, as adorable as a cow, and as smart as a hummingbird!”

- 4-year-old friend describing h.b.