Bringing an otherworldly being into human dimensions is not a simple task! Cricket is able to visit the Human World thanks to a great many people’s loving support, assistance, and encouragement. Some of them are listed below!

C. Brown, H. Pera, YT. Wong, S. Dias, L. Clifford, Miyuki Baker, Molly McLeod, N. Warmuth, Demetra Wendy Manning, T. Brown, F. Diddle, M. Fichera, HELP Faeries, Conner James Quinto, Jessica Harris, Jacqui June Whitlock, M. Brown, Kenn McLeod, Kristy Benz, Charlie Peters, H. Hansen, The Hansen-Firenzi family, Cynthia Ling Lee, Ceda Verbakel, John Turner, I. Ingram, Anonymous, and the many sweet beings who have met and loved Cricket!

If you would like to be a Faerie Godparent to Cricket, she always welcomes mentorship, support, advice, love, and presents! If you would like to sponsor a visit from Cricket to a local school, library, or children’s hospital please get in touch.